Lower Nossob language

Lower Nossob
Native toSouth Africa, Botswana
  • Taa–Lower Nossob
    • Lower Nossob
  • ǀʼAuni
  • ǀHaasi
Language codes
ISO 639-3nsb

Lower Nossob is an extinct Khoisan language once spoken along the Nossob River on the border of South Africa and Botswana, near Namibia. It was closely related to the Taa language.

There are two attested dialects: ǀʼAuni (ǀʼAuo), recorded by Dorothea Bleek, and ǀHaasi, recorded by Robert Story. ǀʼAuni is the word the former use for themselves; ǀʼAuo (or ǀʼAu) is what they call their language. ǀauni, ǁauni, Auni are misspellings. Other renderings of the name ǀHaasi are Kʼuǀha꞉si, Kiǀhasi, and Kiǀhazi.[2]


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