List of members of the United Nations Economic and Social Council

The United Nations Economic and Social Council has 54 member states which are elected by the United Nations General Assembly for overlapping three-year terms, with terms ending on 31 December of the third year. Seats on the Council are based on United Nations Regional Groups, with fourteen seats allocated to the African Group, eleven to the Asia-Pacific Group, six to the Eastern European Group, ten to the Latin American and Caribbean Group, and thirteen to the Western European and Others Group.[1]

Membership by regional group[]

African Group[]

2010  Cameroon  Congo  Mozambique  Niger  Comoros  Egypt  Ghana  Rwanda  Zambia  Cote d'Ivoire  Guinea-Bissau  Mauritius  Morocco  Namibia
2011  Gabon  Malawi  Senegal
2012  Burkina Faso  Ethiopia  Nigeria  Libya  Lesotho
2013  Benin  Mauritius  South Africa  Sudan  Tunisia
2014  Botswana  Congo  Democratic Republic of Congo  Togo
2015  Burkina Faso  Ghana  Mauritania  Uganda  Zimbabwe
2016  Algeria  Nigeria  Rwanda  Somalia  South Africa
2017 undecided

Asia-Pacific Group[]

2010  India  Japan  Saudi Arabia  Bangladesh  Iraq  Mongolia  Philippines  People's Republic of China  Malaysia  Pakistan  South Korea
2011  People's Republic of China  Qatar  Pakistan  South Korea
2012  India  Japan  Indonesia
2013  Kuwait  Kyrgyzstan    Nepal  Turkmenistan
2014  People's Republic of China  Bangladesh  Kazakhstan  South Korea
2015  India  Japan  Pakistan
2016  Afghanistan  Iraq  Lebanon  Viet Nam

Eastern European Group[]

2010  Moldova  Poland  Russian Federation  Estonia  Slovakia  Ukraine
2011  Latvia  Hungary  Russian Federation
2012  Bulgaria *  Belarus
2013  Albania  Croatia
2014  Georgia  Serbia  Russian Federation
2015  Estonia
2016  Czech Republic  Republic of Moldova

'*' Denotes seats taken up mid-term from another member. Bulgaria will take over Hungary's seat from 2012.

Latin American and Caribbean Group[]

2010  Brazil  Guatemala  Saint Lucia  Argentina  Bahamas  Chile  Peru  Saint Kitts and Nevis  Uruguay  Venezuela
2011  Mexico  Nicaragua  Ecuador
2012  Brazil  Cuba  Dominican Republic  El Salvador
2013  Bolivia  Colombia  Haiti
2014  Antigua and Barbuda  Guatemala  Panama
2015  Brazil  Argentina  Honduras  Trinidad and Tobago
2016  Chile  Guyana  Peru

Western European and Others Group[]

[2] [3]

1990  Canada  Finland  Sweden  United Kingdom  Italy  Netherlands  New Zealand  United States  France  Germany  Greece  Ireland  Portugal
1991  France  Germany  Austria  Spain  Turkey
1992  Italy  Australia  Belgium  United States
1993  Canada  Denmark  Norway  United Kingdom
1994  France  Germany  Greece  Ireland  Portugal
1995  Luxembourg  Australia  Netherlands  United States
1996  Canada  Finland  Sweden  United Kingdom
1997  France  Germany  Iceland  Spain  Turkey
1998  Belgium  Italy  New Zealand  United States
1999  Canada  Denmark  Norway  United Kingdom
2000  France  Germany  Austria  Greece  Portugal
2001  Andorra  Italy  Monaco  United States  Malta *
2002  Australia  Finland  Sweden  United Kingdom  Spain *
2003  France  Germany  Ireland  Greece  Portugal
2004  Belgium  Italy  Canada  United States  Turkey *
2005  Australia  Denmark  Iceland  United Kingdom  Spain *
2006  France  Germany  Austria  Turkey  Spain
2007  Netherlands  Luxembourg  Canada  United States
2008  Australia  Finland  Norway  United Kingdom
2009  France  Germany  Liechtenstein  Malta  Turkey
2010  Belgium  Italy  Canada  United States
2011  Australia  Finland  Norway  United Kingdom   Switzerland *  Spain *
2012   Switzerland *  Netherlands*  France  Germany  Ireland  Turkey  Spain
2013  New Zealand *  Denmark *  Sweden *  Netherlands  San Marino  Canada  United States  Austria *
2014  Finland   Switzerland  Sweden  United Kingdom
2015  France  Germany  Ireland  Greece  Portugal
2016  Australia  Belgium  Italy  United States

'*' Denotes seats taken up mid-term from another member. Malta took over a seat from Greece on 1 January 2001, Spain from Portugal on 1 January 2002, Turkey from Portugal on 11 November 2003, and Spain from Greece on 1 January 2005. For 2011 Switzerland and Spain appear to have taken over the seats of Liechtenstein and Turkey. From 1 January 2012 Switzerland took over Norway's seat and the Netherlands took over the seat of Belgium. For 2013, Australia relinquished its seat in favor of New Zealand; Finland in favor of Denmark; Switzerland in favor of Sweden; and Germany in favor of Austria.

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