List of intelligence agencies

This is a list of intelligence agencies. It includes only currently operational institutions.


Agencies by country[]

Afghanistan Afghanistan[]

Albania Albania[]

Algeria Algeria[]

Argentina Argentina[]

Armenia Armenia[]

Australia Australia[]

Austria Austria[]

Azerbaijan Azerbaijan[]

The Bahamas Bahamas[]

Bangladesh Bangladesh[]

Barbados Barbados[]

Belarus Belarus[]

Belgium Belgium[]

Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina[]

Botswana Botswana[]

Brazil Brazil[]

Brunei Brunei[]

Bulgaria Bulgaria[]

Myanmar Burma[]

Canada Canada[]

Chile Chile[]

China People's Republic of China[]

Colombia Colombia[]

Democratic Republic of the Congo Democratic Republic of the Congo[]

Costa Rica Costa Rica[]

Croatia Croatia[]

Cuba Cuba[]

Cyprus Cyprus[]

Czech Republic Czech Republic[]

Denmark Denmark[]

Dominican Republic Dominican Republic[]

Egypt Egypt[]

Estonia Estonia[]

Ethiopia Ethiopia[]

Fiji Fiji[]

Finland Finland[]

France France[]

The Gambia Gambia[]

Georgia (country) Georgia[]

Germany Germany[]



Ghana Ghana[]

Greece Greece[]

Haiti Haiti[]

Hong Kong Hong Kong SAR[]

Hungary Hungary[]

Iceland Iceland[]

India India[]

Wildlife Crime Control Bureau

Indonesia Indonesia[]

Iran Iran[]

General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran:

Islamic Republic of Iran Army:

Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps:

Law Enforcement Force of the Islamic Republic of Iran:

Ministry of Defence and Armed Forces Logistics:

Iraq Iraq[]

Kurdistan Region

Republic of Ireland Ireland[]

Foreign & Domestic Military Intelligence (Defence Forces)

Domestic Police Intelligence (Garda Síochána)

Israel Israel[]

Italy Italy[]

Jamaica Jamaica[]

Japan Japan[]

Jordan Jordan[]

Kazakhstan Kazakhstan[]

Kenya Kenya[]

South Korea South Korea[]

Kuwait Kuwait[]

Latvia Latvia[]

Lebanon Lebanon[]

Ministry of Interior and Municipalities General Security Directorate (Lebanon)
Department of Information
Ministry of Defence Army Intelligence Directorate
Lebanese Supreme Council of Defense Lebanese State Security Directorate (Joint Intelligence Analysis)

Liberia Liberia[]

Lithuania Lithuania[]

Luxembourg Luxembourg[]

Macau Macau SAR[]

Republic of Macedonia Republic of Macedonia[]

Malawi Malawi[]

In the Presidents Office

Malaysia Malaysia[]

Maldives Maldives[]

Mexico Mexico[]

Moldova Moldova[]

Mongolia Mongolia[]

Montenegro Montenegro[]

Morocco Morocco[]

Nepal Nepal[]

Netherlands Netherlands[]

New Zealand New Zealand[]

Nicaragua Nicaragua[]

Nigeria Nigeria[]

North Korea North Korea[]

Norway Norway[]

Pakistan Pakistan[]

State of Palestine State of Palestine[]

Panama Panama[]

Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea[]

Peru Peru[]

Philippines Philippines[]

Poland Poland[]

Portugal Portugal[]

Qatar Qatar[]

Romania Romania[]

Special Telecommunication Service, abbreviated STS

Serviciul de Protecţie şi Pază, abbreviated SPP

(DGIA) – Direcția Generală de Informații a Apărării

Russia Russian Federation[]

Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia[]

Serbia Serbia[]

Singapore Singapore[]

Slovakia Slovakia[]

Slovenia Slovenia[]

Somalia Somalia[]

Somaliland Somaliland[]

South Africa South Africa[]

Spain Spain[]

Sri Lanka Sri Lanka[]

Sudan Sudan[]

Sweden Sweden[]

Switzerland Switzerland[]

Syria Syria[]

Taiwan Taiwan[]

Tajikistan Tajikistan[]

Tanzania Tanzania[]

Thailand Thailand[]

Turkey Turkey[]

Turkmenistan Turkmenistan[]

Ukraine Ukraine[]

United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates ===

MISS (formerly DMI - Defense Military Intelligence) now Military Intelligence Security Services

United Kingdom United Kingdom[]

Domestic intelligence
Foreign intelligence
Signals intelligence
Joint intelligence

United States United States[]

Uruguay Uruguay[]

Uzbekistan Uzbekistan[]

Venezuela Venezuela[]

Vietnam Vietnam[]

Zimbabwe Zimbabwe[]

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