List of Egyptian films of 1991

A list of films produced in Egypt in 1991. For an A-Z list of films currently on Wikipedia, see Category:Egyptian films.

Title Director Cast Genre Notes
Al-Kit Kat Daoud Abdel Sayed Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, Sherif Mounir, Aida Reyad Comedy
Al-Ra'i wal Nisaa
(The Shepherd and the Women)
Aly Badrakhan Ahmed Zaki, Soad Hosny, Yousra Drama
Allaeb Ma'a Alkebar
(Playing With the Great)
Sherif Arafa Adel Emam, Hussein Fahmy Drama / Comedy
El Horoub
(The Escape)
A. El Tayeb Ahmad Zaki Drama
Mosajal Khatar
(Registered Criminal)
Samir Seif Adel Emam, Salah Kabil Crime / Comedy
Shams Elzanaty Samir Seif Adel Emam, Mahmoud Hemida, Sawsan Badr Action / Adventure
War in the Land of Egypt Salah Abu Seif Entered into the 17th Moscow International Film Festival

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