List of Air Training Corps squadrons

The Air Training Corps (ATC) is a cadet organisation based in the United Kingdom. It is a voluntary youth group which is part of the Royal Air Force Air Cadets. The ATC is largely composed of individual units known as squadrons. These squadrons are organised into several different Wings, which in turn are organised into six different Regions. Together the Regions make up the Corps.

Headquarters Air Cadets (HQAC) is located at Royal Air Force College Cranwell, Lincolnshire and headed by Commandant Air Cadets Air Commodore Tony Keeling OBE.

Founder Squadrons and Detached Flights[]

The first 50 squadrons formed have their squadron numbers followed by an F to show they are "founder" squadrons (e.g. No 45F(Worthing) Squadron). Only 30 are still in existence, as the other 20 have disbanded over time. Founder Squadrons that have reformed after being disbanded do not retain the F status.

In towns not large enough to sustain a squadron of 30 cadets, or as a supplement to an existing squadron in a larger town or city, a Detached Flight may be formed. This operates much like any other unit, but is technically a component part of a nearby larger squadron. There are currently approximately 48 Detached Flights, denoted by the letters "DF" after a squadron number.

Central & East Region[]

Region HQ RAF Wyton

Bedfordshire & Cambridgeshire Wing[]

Wing HQ RAF Wyton

Hertfordshire & Buckinghamshire Wing[]

Wing HQ RAF Halton

Norfolk & Suffolk Wing[]

Wing HQ Norwich

South & East Midlands Wing[]

Wing HQ RAF Wittering

Trent Wing[]

Wing HQ RAF Digby

Warwickshire & Birmingham Wing[]

Wing HQ Coventry (Army Reserve Centre Canley)

London & South East Region[]

Region HQ RAF Northolt

Essex Wing[]

Wing HQ RFCA Chelmsford

Kent Wing[]

Wing HQ Maidstone

London Wing[]

Wing HQ Victoria

Middlesex Wing[]

Wing HQ RAF Northolt

Surrey Wing[]

Wing HQ Wimbledon

Sussex Wing[]

Wing HQ Seaford

North Region[]

Region HQ RAF Leeming

Central & East Yorkshire Wing[]

Wing HQ RAF Linton-on-Ouse

Cumbria & Lancashire Wing[]

Formerly Cumbria and North Lancashire Wing, merged with East Lancashire Wing in 2011
Wing HQ Inskip

Durham & Northumberland Wing[]

Wing HQ Knightsbridge, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne

Greater Manchester Wing[]

Wing HQ University Barracks Manchester

South & West Yorkshire Wing[]

Wing HQ Castleford

South West Region[]

Region HQ Devizes

Bristol & Gloucestershire Wing[]

Wing HQ RAF Quedgeley

Devon & Somerset Wing[]

Wing HQ Wyvern Barracks

Dorset & Wiltshire Wing[]

Wing HQ MoD Boscombe Down

Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wing[]

Wing HQ Newburgh House, Winchester
  • 413 (Aldershot)
  • 424 (Southampton)
  • 443 (Basingstoke)
  • 457 (Farnborough)
  • 613 (Alton)
  • 1024 (Isle of Wight)
  • 1098 (Gosport)
  • 1105 (City of Winchester)
  • 1189 (Portsmouth)
  • 1213 (Andover)
  • 1216 (Eastleigh)
  • 1308 (New Forest)
  • 1350 (Fareham & District)
  • 1391 (Romsey) (formerly 1105DF)
  • 1827 (Odiham)
  • 1927 (Petersfield)
  • 2260 (Waterlooville)
  • 2327 (Havant)
  • 2407 (Yateley & Eversley)
  • 2412 (Bordon)
  • 2428 (Hedge End)
  • 2495 (Hythe)
  • 2498 (Totton)
  • 2515 (Ringwood & Fordingbridge)

Plymouth & Cornwall Wing[]

Wing HQ RAF St Mawgan

Thames Valley Wing[]

Wing HQ Edward Brooks Barracks
  • 136 (Chipping Norton)
  • 150 (City of Oxford)
  • 153 (Slough)
  • 155 (Maidenhead)
  • 211 (Newbury)
  • 381 (Reading)
  • 447 (Henley)
  • 459 (Windsor)
  • 594 (Thame)
  • 966 (Wallingford)
  • 1116 (Woodley)
  • 1315 (Kidlington)
  • 1460 (Banbury) (formerly 25F)
  • 1861 (Wantage)
  • 1866 (Hungerford)
  • 1996 (Earley)
  • 2120 (Witney)
  • 2121 (Abingdon)
  • 2210 (Cowley)
  • 2211 (Bracknell)
  • 2267 (Brize Norton)
  • 2402 (Burghfield)
  • 2403 (Aldermaston)
  • 2410 (Didcot)
  • 2477 (Britwell)
  • 2499 (Wokingham)
  • 2507 (Bicester)

Wales & West Region[]

Region HQ RAF Cosford

Staffordshire Wing[]

Wing HQ RAF Cosford

Merseyside Wing[]

Wing HQ RAF Woodvale

West Mercian Wing[]

Wing HQ RAF Cosford

Number 1 Welsh Wing[]

Wing HQ Maindy Barracks, Cardiff

Number 2 Welsh Wing[]

Wing HQ Queensferry TA Centre

Number 3 Welsh Wing[]

Wing HQ The Grange, Swansea

Scotland & Northern Ireland Region[]

Region HQ Leuchars Station

With effect from the 1st of February 2021, Scotland and Northern Ireland will be restructured and encompass the following Wings;

Highland Wing[]

Wing HQ RAF Lossiemouth, Moray (Shared with North East Scotland wing in preparation for region re-structure)

North East Scotland Wing[]

Wing HQ RAF Lossiemouth, Moray (Shared with Highland wing in preparation for region re-structure)

South East Scotland Wing[]

Wing HQ Leuchars Station

West Scotland Wing[]

Wing HQ Paisley Cadet Centre

Northern Ireland Wing[]

Wing HQ JHC FS Aldergrove

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