Legislature I of Italy

Legislature I of Italy (Italian: I Legislatura della Repubblica Italiana) was the legislature of Italy which lasted from 8 May 1948 until 24 June 1953.

Background and history[]

The elections of 18 April 1948 were the first elections are the first Italian republic, after those of two years prior to the establishment of the Constituent Assembly. The Italian Constitution came into force, creating the first effective government.

The government broke down after about two years. The Prime Minister, Alcide De Gasperi decided to resign following the hostile reaction of the Liberal Party over land law. On 14 January 1950 De Gasperi resigned and on 27 January, a new government was formed without the support of the liberals.


President of the Chamber of Deputies[]

Vice President of the Chamber of Deputies[]

President of the Senate[]

Senators of the I Legislature[]

Gruppo Democratico Cristiano[]

Gruppo Democratico di Sinistra[]

Gruppo Comunista[]

Gruppo Liberale[]

Gruppo del Partito Socialista Italiano[]

Gruppo Repubblicano[]

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