Kitami Observatory

Kitami Observatory
OrganizationKitami Region Museum of Science History and Art
Observatory code400
LocationKitami, Hokkaidō, Japan
Coordinates43°49′06″N 143°54′13″E / 43.8182°N 143.9037°E / 43.8182; 143.9037Coordinates: 43°49′06″N 143°54′13″E / 43.8182°N 143.9037°E / 43.8182; 143.9037
Established1987 Edit this on Wikidata
Kitami Observatory is located in Japan
Kitami Observatory
Location of Kitami Observatory

Kitami Observatory is an astronomical observatory in the Kitami-Abashiri Region Cultural Centre in eastern Hokkaidō, Japan. Its observatory code[1] is 400.[2] It is 0.72344 Earth radii from the rotation axis and +0.68811 Earth radii from the equatorial plane, 143.7827 degrees east of Greenwich.[3]

The amateur astronomers Atsushi Takahashi and Kazuro Watanabe discovered many asteroids here.[4] As of 2012, 680 discoveries have been made at Kitami.[5]

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