Discovery siteKepler Space Observatory
Discovery date2015
Orbital characteristics
0.7903 ± 0.0028 AU (118,230,000 ± 420,000 km)[1]
240.503±0.053[1] d
Inclination89.4429±0.0091 [1]
Physical characteristics
Mean radius
6.204±0.039[1] R

Kepler-453b is a transiting circumbinary exoplanet in the binary-star system Kepler-453. It orbits the binary system in the habitable zone every 240.5 days.[1][2] The orbit of the planet is inclined relative to the binary orbit therefore precession of the orbit leads to it spending most of its time in a non-transiting configuration. By the time the TESS and PLATO spacecraft are available for follow up observations it will no longer be transiting.[3]


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