Kamerik-Houtdijken is a former municipality in the Dutch province of Utrecht. It existed from 1818 to 1857, after which it merged with 's-Gravesloot, Kamerik-Mijzijde, and Teckop, to form the new municipality of Kamerik.[1]

During that time, it had about 620 inhabitants, in three polders: Kamerik-Teylingens, Groot-Houtdijk, and Klein-Houtdijk. This included the village of Oud-Kamerik, the hamlet Houtdijken, and half of the village of Kamerik.


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Coordinates: 52°06′33″N 4°54′44″E / 52.109036°N 4.912262°E / 52.109036; 4.912262