A punch block using krone contacts
Cross connect field with krone connectors

Krone LSA-PLUS (or simply krone) is an insulation-displacement connector for telecommunications. It is a proprietary European alternative to 110 block. The Krone LSA-PLUS system is not limited to telecommunications, as it is also popular in broadcast systems, where audio interconnections and their associated control systems often use krone wiring. Multipair audio cables have been specifically designed for the system by organisations such as the BBC.


Krone (German word for crown) was developed in Berlin in the 1970s by The Krone Group, a German telecommunications company. In 2004, Krone was acquired by the American corporation ADC Telecommunications—which was in turn later acquired by Tyco Electronics in 2010. As of 2015 ADC/Krone Telecom Solutions is a division of CommScope Inc.


LSA-PLUS is a German abbreviation:

Lötfrei Solderless
Schraubfrei Screwless
Abisolierfrei No insulation removal
Preiswert Cost-effective
Leicht zu handhaben Easy to use
Universell anwendbar Universal application
Sicher und schnell Secure and fast

Krone can be easily identified from 110 by its contact slots being arranged at a 45 degree angle to the wire. Krone contacts can be used with stranded conductors, unlike 66- and 110-style IDC punch blocks. The contacts use silver to inhibit corrosion and require a Krone-specific punch down tool for wire insertion. Krone blocks are also available in versions which can handle frequencies much higher than conventional blocks.


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