Jesse Krakow

Jesse Krakow (born April 12, 1977) is a bassist, musician, producer and composer based in New York City. He has toured with Shudder To Think, playing bass on their 2009 live album "Live From Home." He collaborated with Tatsuya Yoshida and Ron Anderson for live performances as RonRuins,[1] was previously in Anderson's band PAK, and is featured on their Motel (album) CD.[2] Currently he works with Dot Wiggin of The Shaggs in The Dot Wiggin Band, instrumental-metal quartet Haessliche Luftmasken, country-soul band The Tall Pines, prog-rock octet Doctor Nerve, 9-piece big band Fast 'n Bulbous: The Captain Beefheart Project featuring Beefheart alumni Gary Lucas, avant-afro beat collective Stick Against Stone Orchestra, lo-fi recording project We Are The Musk Brigade, all-ages experimental group The Exploding Note Ensemble, 80's hair metal tribute HAIR AMERICA, and MANDONNA, an all-male tribute to Madonna.

From June 2012 - Dec 2013 he was the host of "Minor Music", a radio show on WFMU that spotlighted musicians 18 and under. He is also on the teaching staff at Bootsy Collins' online music school Funk University. In May 2013 The Brooklyn Philharmonic premiered his piece for string quartet, female vocals, drumset, and fuzz bass called "Bad Doggie".

He was a longtime member of NYC-avant rock band Time of Orchids,[3] who released 6 albums, collaborated with pianist Marilyn Crispell, Kate Pierson (The B-52's), Julee Cruise ("Twin Peaks"), trumpeter Tim Byrnes, and was signed to a number significant labels (one of which was John Zorn's Tzadik label).[4] He has two solo albums out of Nebraska's Public Eyesore/Eh? record label - 2004's Oceans in the Sun + 2008's World Without Nachos.[5] He latest album A Loaf Of Fun will be released in 2014[needs update] on the Ohio-based label Factotum Tapes.

He has worked with Nona Hendryx (LaBelle/Talking Heads), Nina Persson (The Cardigans/A Camp), R Stevie Moore, Eric Slick (Dr. Dog), Julie Slick (Adrian Belew Power Trio), Irwin Chusid (WFMU), Chris Butler (The Waitresses), Cynthia Sley (Bush Tetras), Doug Gillard (Guided By Voices), Pat Irwin (The B-52's/The Raybeats), The Losers Lounge, Mike Pride,[6] Jac Berrocall, Mike Fornatale (The Left Banke/The Monks), Pat Irwin (The B-52's), George Korein (Infidel!/Castro?), Elliott Sharp, Weasel Walter (The Flying Luttenbachers), Colin Marston (Gorguts/Behold...The Arctopus), Scott Bruzenak, Keaton Simons, Anne Gomez (Cantwell Gomez + Jordan, Religious To Damn, Dylan Sparrow (Giggle The Ozone), and Lori.

In 2012 he put together a tribute to The Shaggs, which resulted in forming The Dot Wiggin Band with Dot Wiggin of the Shaggs, which released their debut album, Ready! Get! Go! in 2013 on Jello Biafra's Alternative Tentacles label.


1996: solo - "Moltvick Comes Alive!" 1998: solo - "Smelling Dog" 1999: w/ Java Jel "Assorted Flavor" (Java Jel Records), solo - "thatfunkyhippopjamthing" 2000 : w/ Michal "Sky With Stars" (Columbia), solo - "Plane Crashing Into Dancing Dolphin Pony Boy" 2001:w/ Time of Orchids "Melonwhisper" (Badnews), w/ Improp/Improg "Drink Tickets From God", solo - "Negative Fun" 2002: w/ PAK: "100% Human Hair" (RA Sounds), w/ RFA "The Song That Saved My Life" 2003: w/ Time of Orchids "Much Too Much Fun", w/ Bodie In Motion "Proof Of Cool", solo - "Confactions" 2004: solo - "Oceans In The Sun" (Public Eyesore), "Nostril Town", "Fuck You, It's Christmas", w/ Time of Orchids ""Early As Seen In Pace" (Epicene), w/ Scott Bruzenak & Keaton Simons: "Slam F---ing Dunk!" (Magnacarta) 2005 - w/ Time of Orchids "Sarcast While" (Tzadik), w/ PAK "Motel" (RA Sounds), w/ Fast 'N Bulbous: "Pork Chop Blue Around The Rind" (Cuneiform), w/ Scott Bruzenak & Keaton Simons: "Noise Research Program Volume 2" (Burning Emptiness), w/ We Are The Musk Brigade: "Sand Dunes + Beef Balloons/Let Me See Your Moo-Flomps" (MT6/Crucial Blast) 2006: w/ Giggle the Ozone: "Order" (2006, Laser Seizure), solo - "Feeling Frenzy!", "Edgy Music For The Contemporary Urban Youth Market", w/ We Are The Musk Brigade: "Lori's Songs", "Inebriate The Entire Sector", & "this is d/emo" (2006) 2007: w/ Time of Orchids - "Namesake Caution" (2007, Cuneiform), w/ Michael Showalter: "Sandwiches + Cats" (2007, JDub), w/ Dynamite Club -"Teriyaki Suplexxx: A Snapshot Of The Japanese Underground" (2007, GC Records), solo - "I Hate Everyone And Especially You" 2008: solo - "World Without Nachos" - (Eh!), w/ Dynamite Club - "Fusion Era" (2008, Caminante), 2009: w/ Shudder To Think - "Live From Home" (Team Love), w/ Fast 'N Bulbous - "Waxed Oop!" (2009, Cuneiform), w/ The Tall Pines - "Campfire Songs" (MMAM Records) 2010: w/ Time of Orchids - "In Due Time" (2010), w/ We Are The Must Brigade "Brown Mirrow", solo - "The Saddest Circus", "Naif" 2011: w/ Craig Wedren "WAND" (Nerveland), w/ The Tall Pines "Hell Hounds" (MMAM Records), w/ Ex-Student "Unicorn With Rabies" 2012: solo - "Over Youth", w/ Jack Moulton "shapes" 2013: w/ Dot Wiggin Band - "Ready! Get! Go!" (Alternative Tentacles), w/ Stick Against Stone Orchestra - "Get It All Out" (Media Groove), w/ Doctor Nerve - "The Gift Of Shame", w/ Bandwriting Collective "Bandwriting Collective, w/ BILLY "I Got A Secret" 2014: w/ Jefferson Friedman & Craig Wedren - "On In Love" (New Amsterdam), w/ Dark Ages - "Dark Ages", solo - "A Loaf Of Fun" (Factotum Tapes"

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