Ivar Böhling

Ivar Böhling
Ivar Böhling.jpg
Personal information
Born10 September 1889
Ingå, Finland
Died12 January 1929 (aged 39)
Vyborg, Finland (today in Russia)
SportGreco-Roman wrestling
ClubViipurin Voimailijat, Vyborg

Ivar Theodor Böhling[1] (10 September 1889 – 12 January 1929) was a Finnish wrestler who competed in the 1912 Summer Olympics.[2]

He won the silver medal in the light heavyweight class. In a remarkable final, he wrestled for nine hours against the other finalist, the Swedish wrestler Anders Ahlgren, before it was declared a draw. The judges refused to award a gold medal, stating that the champion had to have won the final match. Thus they both were given second place and no gold medal was awarded.[2]

Böhling won the 1914 Unofficial European title in the light-heavyweight division, and four national titles: two in light-heavyweight (1911 and 1913) and two in heavyweight (1915 and 1916). He then turned professional, and retired in 1920.[2]


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