Irbe Strait

The Gulf of Riga, with Irbe Strait on the left of the map

Irbe Strait, also known as Irben Strait (Estonian: Kura kurk, Latvian: Irbes jūras šaurums, Livonian: Sūr mer), forms the main exit out of the Gulf of Riga to the Baltic Sea, between the Sõrve Peninsula forming the southern end of the island Saaremaa in Estonia and Courland Peninsula in Latvia. It is 27 km (17 mi) wide at its narrowest point. A shipping channel has been dredged along its southern shore to allow larger ships to pass.

See also Saunags.


Coordinates: 57°48′0″N 22°12′30″E / 57.80000°N 22.20833°E / 57.80000; 22.20833