Ingeborg Thrandsdotter

Olof Björnsson
King of Sweden
Reignc. 970 - c. 975
PredecessorBjörn (III) Eriksson
SuccessorEric the Victorious
ConsortIngeborg Thrandsdotter
HouseHouse of Munsö
FatherBjörn (III) Eriksson

Olof Björnsson (reigned c. 970 – c.975) was a semi-legendary Swedish king who was referenced in several Old Norse Sagas including Hervarar saga, Saga of Harald Fairhair and the Styrbjarnar þáttr Svíakappa.[1]

Olof was the son of Björn Eriksson who ruled as king of Sweden. After the death of their father, Olof ruled jointly with his brother Eric the Victorious (Swedish: Erik Segersäll). By his queen Ingeborg Thrandsdotter, he was the father of Styrbjörn Starke and Gyrid, queen consort of King Harald Bluetooth. He died of poison during a meal. Eric, instead of proclaiming his nephew Styrbjörn co-ruler, proclaimed his own unborn son to be co-ruler. This son ruled as King Olof Skötkonung.[2][3]

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