Ibrahim Makhous

Ibrahim Makhūs
Peasants' Bureau of the Regional Command of the Syrian Regional Branch
In office
March 1968 – 13 November 1970
Preceded byMuhammad Ashawi
Succeeded byMahmūd Zuʿbi
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
In office
1 March 1966 – 29 October 1968
Preceded bySalah al-Din al-Bitar
Succeeded byMuhammad Ashawi
In office
22 September 1965 – 21 December 1965
Preceded byHassan Mraywed
Succeeded bySalah al-Din al-Bitar
Member of the Regional Command of the Syrian Regional Branch
In office
27 March 1966 – 13 November 1970
Personal details
Damascus, French Mandate of Syria
Died10 September 2013 (aged 88)
Algiers, Algeria
Political partySyrian Regional Branch of the Arab Socialist Baʿath Party
Other political
Democratic Socialist Arab Baʿath Party
Alma materDamascus University

Ibrahim Makhūs or Ibrahim Makhous or Brahim Makhous Maghrebi Arabic and Arabic: إبراهيم ماخوس‎ was a Syrian Syrian Baathist politician who sat on the Regional Command from 1966 to 1970. He served as foreign minister during Salah Jadid's rule.

After Hafiz al-Asad's seizure of power, Makhous established the Democratic Socialist Arab Ba'ath Party. Makhūs died in 2013, at the age of 88.[1]

Early life[]

Ibrahim Makhūs was born to a religious and rural Alawite family from the village of Makhūs—the family's namesake—between Latakia and Antioch.[2] His father was a religious shaykh who also worked as a landless cultivator, although he eventually came to own 100 dunams of agricultural land. He served as the arbiter of local disputes and founded a large charitable organization in the Syrian coastal region called "al-Jam'iyyah al-Khayriyyah". It grew to set up a presence in some seventy villages and established one of the first co-ed secondary school in the area.[3]

From a young age, Makhūs worked with his father's association, frequently traveling throughout Latakia's hinterland where he became intimately aware of the peasantry's hardships.[3] While a student, he fought in the 1948 Arab-Israeli War as a volunteer for the Arab forces.[citation needed]

During the Algerian War of Independence, which began in 1954, he served as a volunteer physician.[2]


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