I'll Say She Does

I'll Say She Does
I'll Say She Does.jpg
First ion
AuthorPeter Cheyney
CountryUnited Kingdom
SeriesLemmy Caution
PublisherWilliam Collins, Sons
Publication date
Media typePrint
Preceded byYou Can Always Duck 
Followed byG-Man at the Yard 

I'll Say She Does is a 1945 thriller novel by the British writer Peter Cheyney.[1] It is the tenth in his series of novels featuring the FBI agent Lemmy Caution. Later ions of the book are generally titled I'll Say She Does!


In the wake of the Second World War, Caution is in Paris on the trail of some missing State Department files. His hunt soon takes him to Britain.


In 1960 it was made into the French film Women Are Like That directed by Bernard Borderie and starring Eddie Constantine, Françoise Brion and Alfred Adam.[2]


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