Hitkillers/The Beast Of Claw Boys Claw

Hitkillers/The Beast of Claw Boys Claw
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Compilation album by
Released1988 (1988)
GenreRock and roll
ProducerAllard Jolles
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Hitkillers/The Beast of Claw Boys Claw

Hitkillers/The Beast of Claw Boys Claw is a compilation album by Dutch rock and roll band Claw Boys Claw. The album, released on CD only, combines their fourth studio album Hitkillers (released only on vinyl) and a selection of earlier songs, re-recorded and remixed.[1]

Track listing[]

1."Ruby Is The One" (C. Koerts)3:40
2."Let Your Hair Hang Down" (J. Gimmik/E. Prehm/G. Hessing/C. Bergman/A. Mol)2:30
3."Mississippi" (W. Theunissen/E. Hilberts)3:10
4."In The Dutch Mountains" (H. Hofstede/R. Kloet/R.J. Stips)3:10
5."Dracula!!" (Bob Bouber)3:30
6."Appleknockers Flophouse" (E. Gelling/H. Muskee)2:30
7."Back Home" (George Kooymans)3:50
8."Ramona" (M. Wayne/L. Gilbert)3:00
9."Down Man" (K. Lux)4:00
10."Russian Spy And I" (Javelin)2:50
11."Venus" (Robbie van Leeuwen)4:00
12."So Mean" (Te Bos/Cameron/Rossini/Schrader)3:10
13."That's Life" (Te Bos/Cameron/Rossini/Schrader)3:00
14."Madcat" (Te Bos/Cameron/Rossini/Schrader)3:30
15."Teenage Heartattack" (Te Bos/Cameron/Rossini/Schrader)3:00
16."The Rose" (Te Bos/Cameron/Rossini/Schrader)3:00
17."Locomotive Breath" (Ian Anderson)3:15
18."Gimme A Break" (Te Bos/Cameron/Rossini/Schrader)3:00
19."Shake It On The Rocks" (Te Bos/Cameron/Rossini/Schrader)3:20
20."On The Run" (Te Bos/Cameron/Rossini/Schrader)3:50
21."Ridin' The Blinds" (Te Bos/Cameron/Rossini/Schrader)2:00




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