Henrik Skadelår

Henrik Skadelår (c. 1090 - 4 June 1134) was a Danish prince, the son of Svend Tronkræver, an illegitimate son of king Sweyn II of Denmark. He was the father of King Magnus II of Sweden. He died in the Battle of Fotevik.

After the murder on his cousin Knud Lavard in 1131, Henrik Skadelår was mentioned as a possible future king of Denmark. However, his uncle Niels survived Henrik by three weeks.


Henrik was married to Ingrid Ragnvaldsdotter, daughter of Ragnvald Knaphövde. The marriage was miserable, and Ingrid once tried to escape her husband in men's clothing, but was found and brought back to Henrik. When Henrik died Ingrid left Denmark and married Harald Gille, the future king of Norway. Ingrid later became Queen Ingrid of Norway. After Harald Gille she had several marriages with the powerful gentry in Norway and became mother to the next generation of bishops and pretenders to the Norwegian throne.


Henrik Skadelår had at least five sons: