Henri Debehogne

Minor planets discovered: 741 [1]
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Henri Debehogne (30 December 1928 – 9 December 2007) was a Belgian astronomer and a prolific discoverer of minor planets.[2][3]


He was born at Maillen. Debehogne worked at the Royal Observatory of Belgium (French: Observatoire Royal de Belgique) in Uccle, and specialized in astrometry of comets and minor planets.[3]

He is cred by the Minor Planet Center with the discovery of over 700 numbered minor planets,[1] including the Trojan asteroids (6090) 1989 DJ and 65210 Stichius (the latter with Eric Walter Elst) and hundreds of asteroids of the main-belt.

He died on 9 December 2007, at the age of 78 in Uccle. The asteroid 2359 Debehogne was named in his honor.[3]

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