Haller von Hallerstein

Haller - Madonna, by Durer
Portrait of Sebald Haller von Hallerstein

Haller von Hallerstein is a Bavarian noble family. The noble house is divided in 2 families, one Bavarian family and the other Hungarian.


This catholic family comes from the nurnbergian late Middle Ages patriate. In the XVth century the family economic, and political power contributed to the cultural development of the city. Multiple important members were incorporated into the imperial nobility. Other members married into other important Catholic families.


Branch of Siegelstein[]

  1. Paulus Haller zu Siegelstein, died 1474: founder of the Paulinian branch.[3]
    1. Erasmus Haller zu Ziegelstein; died 1501.
      1. Sebald Haller von Hallerstein, died 1578: imperial Rattherr of Charles V, diplomat. Marries in 1528 to Maria im Hoff.[4]

Bavarian Branch[]

Ruprecht I Haller von Hallerstein, born 1419, descendants:

  1. Wolf II Haller von Hallerstein, (1492-1559): Imperial counselor. married to Elisabeth van Logenhagen.[5]
    1. Maria Haller von Hallerstein, 1538
    2. Johanna Haller von Hallerstein, 1539
    3. Louisa Haller von Hallerstein, 1540: Abbes of Soleilmont abbey.
    4. Carl Haller von Hallerstein, 1542
    5. Isabella Haller von Hallerstein, 1544
    6. Philipp Haller von Hallerstein, 1550
  2. Bartholomeus Haller von Hallerstein, (1486-1551): royal Secretary of queen Mary of Hungary (governor of the Netherlands).
    1. Christoph Haller von Hallerstein zu Zieglstein, died 1581.
    2. Wolf III Haller von Hallerstein, died 1571.
    3. Ruprecht Haller von Hallerstein, born 1533.
      1. Ludwig Haller von Hallerstein, born 1550: friend of Ortelius


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