Gotteslob (1975)

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The 1975 ion of Gotteslob (God's Praise) was the first combined prayerbook and hymnbook authorised by the bishops of all German-speaking Roman Catholics in Germany and Austria. It contains texts and songs for liturgy, communal prayer and private prayer, divided into a section which is common for all, and an appendix for the local songs in a diocese.

Forerunners for a common hymnal were the hymnal Cantate!, published bei Heinrich Bone in 1847 and used by multiple diocese of German-speaking countries, and Kirchenlied, a 1938 hymnal that included songs by Protestant hymnwriters.

Maria Luise Thurmair was a member of the commission preparing the ion, and also contributed several songs to the book. Her "Den Herren will ich loben", based on the Magnificat and many other liturgical hymns appeared there first. Friedrich Dörr was a member of the commission who contributed mostly his translations of Latin hymns, such as "Komm, Heilger Geist, der Leben schafft", for Veni Creator Spiritus .

From the First Sunday of Advent in 2013 until July 2014 it was gradually phased out and replaced by the present Gotteslob.

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