Goodfella's is an Irish well-known and popular brand of frozen pizzas. It is the number two brand in the UK and is the leading brand of frozen pizza in Ireland.[1] The UK frozen pizza market is worth around £480m.


Green Isle Foods Ltd, headquartered in Naas, Republic of Ireland, created the brand in 1993. In the early 1990s, varieties of frozen food in the UK were fairly limited to fish fingers, beefburgers and frozen chips. Frozen food in the UK was largely provided by Birds Eye. The launch of Goodfella's brought the first ever frozen pizza to the market.

Green Isle Foods Ltd was founded in Ireland in 1982, and employed around 750 people in Ireland. The division has also been known as Green Isle Food Group.[2] In 2005 it expanded its Naas factory, increasing 130 jobs, with help from Enterprise Ireland. The site made 9-inch and 12-inch pizzas.[3]

Green Isle Foods was subsequently bought by Northern Foods in 1995. Northern Foods was founded on 15 August 1949 and also owned the Fox's Biscuits, Holland's Pies and Matthew Walker Christmas Puddings brands.

In 2011 2 Sisters Food Group (a subsidiary of Boparan Holdings, owned by Ranjit Singh Boparan) bought Northern Foods and then in April 2018 Nomad Foods bought the frozen pizza division, including the Goodfella's brand, from 2 Sisters.

Nomad Foods is a UK-headquartered frozen foods company and was formed in 2015. Nomad Foods owns the Iglo, Birds Eye, Findus, La Cocinera, Lutosa, Goodfella's and Aunt Bessie's brands and operates across 13 European countries with the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Sweden and France representing its five largest markets.

Goodfella's pizzas are produced in varieties called Stonebaked, Thin, Deep Pan and Takeaway. Goodfella's launched a range of Gluten Free pizzas in 2015 and added to its dietary offering with the first ever branded frozen vegan pizza in 2018.


The business has two manufacturing sites. One in Naas, the county town of County Kildare, which produces Goodfella's Stonebaked and Deep Pan pizzas, and one in Longford, County Longford, which produces Goodfella's Takeaway pizzas.

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