Gerold of Vinzgouw

Gerold of Vinzgau
Count in Kraichgau and Anglachgau
Born 725
Died 799 (aged 74)
Family Udalrichings
Spouse Emma of Alemannia

Gerold of Vinzgau (also Vintzgouw or Anglachgau; d. 799) was a count in Kraichgau and Anglachgau. His daughter married King Charlemagne in 771. In 784 generous donations to the monastery of Lorsch by Gerold and Emma are recorded.

Marriage and issue[]

He was married by 758 to Emma (d. 789 or 798 or after 784), daughter of Hnabi, Duke of Alamannia. They had the following:

Through Udalrich, Gerold is reckoned as the founder of the family of the Udalrichings (de).