Gangwon campaign

The Gangwon campaign was a campaign by the Japanese army to pacify Gangwon province, Korea in 1592, just after the beginning of the Seven Year War.


Ukita Hideie was appointed as supreme commander of the Japanese army in Korea, allotted to Mori Yoshinari's Fourth Division to making them to Kato Kiyomasa's rear guard by pacifying Gangwon Province.

Won Ho VS Mori Yoshinari

Mori Yoshinari VS Kim Yeon-gwang (Hangul : 김연광 Hanja : 金鍊光) (Korean Regular Army : 조선육군)

Japanese's Fourth Division occupation of Gangwon Province in 1592[]

Japanese Commander and their forts (all of which were captured Korean castles) :

Mori Yoshinari's pacification of Gangwon Province[]

The province of Gangwon had been very peaceful following its occupation by Mori Yoshinari's Fourth Division, but after a few months guerilla activity erupted.

Aftermath : Japanese Evacuation of Gangwon Province[]



(*) According to Chinese Lunar Calendar

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