Franklin Avenue/Botanic Garden (New York City Subway)

 Franklin Avenue/Botanic Garden
 "2" train"3" train"4" train"5" trainFranklin Avenue Shuttle
MTA NYC logo.svg New York City Subway station complex
Botanic Garden Station street stair jeh.JPG
Entrance to the BMT station
Station statistics
AddressFranklin Avenue & Eastern Parkway
Brooklyn, NY 11225
LocaleCrown Heights
Coordinates40°40′15″N 73°57′31″W / 40.670711°N 73.958545°W / 40.670711; -73.958545Coordinates: 40°40′15″N 73°57′31″W / 40.670711°N 73.958545°W / 40.670711; -73.958545
DivisionA (IRT), B (BMT)
LineIRT Eastern Parkway Line
BMT Franklin Avenue Line
Services      2 all times (all times)
      3 all except late nights (all except late nights)
      4 all times (all times)
      5 weekdays only (weekdays only)​
      S all times (all times)
Transit connectionsBus transport NYCT Bus: B48
Other information
Station code626[1]
Passengers (2018)4,604,219 (station complex)[2]Decrease 3.3%
Rank101 out of 424

Franklin Avenue/Botanic Garden is a New York City Subway station complex shared by the IRT Eastern Parkway Line and the BMT Franklin Avenue Line. Located at the intersection of Franklin Avenue and Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn, it is served by the:

The station complex is named for its proximity to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. The free transfer between the Eastern Parkway and Franklin Avenue shuttle platforms was added in 1999 using a passageway that had existed since October 1928, when the BMT Botanic Garden station opened.

The 1999 artwork here is called IL7/Square by Millie Burns. It features iron shapes of leaves on the fence that surrounds the station entrance.[3]

Station layout[]

G Street Level Exit/Entrance
B1 Mezzanine Fare control, station agent
BMT platform level
Side platform, doors will open on the right
Southbound Franklin Avenue Shuttle toward Prospect Park (Terminus)
Northbound Franklin Avenue Shuttle toward Franklin Avenue (Park Place)
Side platform, doors will open on the right
IRT platform level
Northbound local "2" train toward Wakefield–241st Street (Eastern Parkway–Brooklyn Museum)
"3" train toward Harlem–148th Street ("4" train toward Woodlawn late nights) (Eastern Parkway–Brooklyn Museum)
Island platform, doors will open on the left, right
Northbound express "4" train toward Woodlawn (Atlantic Avenue–Barclays Center)
"5" train toward Nereid Avenue PM rush hours, Dyre Avenue weekdays till 8:45pm (Atlantic Avenue–Barclays Center)
Southbound express "4" train ("5" train rush hours) toward Utica Avenue (Terminus)
"5" train toward Flatbush Avenue–Brooklyn College weekdays till 8:45pm (President Street)
Island platform, doors will open on the left, right
Southbound local "2" train toward Flatbush Avenue–Brooklyn College (President Street)
"3" train ("2" train rush hours, "4" train late nights) toward New Lots Avenue (Nostrand Avenue)


Due to the free transfer passageway, all exits serve all platforms.[4]

Exit location Exit type Number of exits Platforms served directly
Eastern Parkway (south side
between Franklin Avenue and Classon Avenue)
Staircase 1 BMT Franklin Avenue Line
SE corner of Eastern Parkway and Franklin Avenue Staircase 1 IRT Eastern Parkway Line
Eastern Parkway, south side mall
SE corner of Eastern Parkway and Franklin Avenue
Staircase 1 IRT Eastern Parkway Line
Eastern Parkway, north side mall
NE corner of Eastern Parkway and Franklin Avenue
Staircase 1 IRT Eastern Parkway Line
NE corner of Eastern Parkway and Franklin Avenue Staircase 1 IRT Eastern Parkway Line

BMT Franklin Avenue Line platforms[]

 Botanic Garden
 Franklin Avenue Shuttle
MTA NYC logo.svg New York City Subway station (rapid transit)
Botanic Garden BMT Franklin Avenue 0707.JPG
Northbound platform
Station statistics
DivisionB (BMT)
LineBMT Franklin Avenue Line
Services      S all times (all times)
StructureEnclosed open-cut
Platforms2 side platforms
Other information
OpenedSeptember 30, 1928; 90 years ago (1928-09-30)[5]
RebuiltOctober 18, 1999; 19 years ago (1999-10-18)
Station code142[1]
Former/other namesConsumers Park
Station succession
Next northPark Place: S all times
Next southProspect Park: S all times
Track layout
Bidirectional track

Botanic Garden on the BMT Franklin Avenue Line has two tracks and two side platforms.[6] The station is named for the Brooklyn Botanic Garden two blocks away from the station.[4]

There was no station at this location until December 1926,[7] when a new station was constructed to replace Consumers Park several blocks to the south, which was considered too close to Prospect Park to be useful. Consumers Park had been renamed Botanic Garden in 1924. The new station assumed this name upon opening on September 30, 1928 and the old station closed at the same time.[5][8]

The station deteriorated over the years as the New York City Transit Authority considered whether to abandon or rehabilitate the station and the line. Support in the Bedford-Stuyvesant and Crown Heights communities persuaded the city to rebuild the line from July 1998 to September 1999.[9] A transfer to Franklin Avenue on the IRT Eastern Parkway Line was added via a passageway that connects the Franklin Avenue-bound platform to the IRT mezzanine.[8] Prior to the rehabilitation project, only a portion of the station was in the tunnel, as the platforms were longer and continued outdoors.[10]

The station's mezzanine is above the platforms and tracks. Two staircases from each side go up to a waiting area that allows a free transfer between directions (this is needed for passengers transferring between the IRT and Prospect Park-bound trains). Outside of the turnstile bank, there is a token booth and one street stair.

The rebuilt station was built in the open-cut right-of-way to the south of Eastern Parkway, and the half of the station closest to that street was roofed over in the appearance of a subway structure. The station is now located entirely inside the subway structure that was built in 1928. At street level, it features floral wrought iron fencing in recognition of its location near the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. At track level it includes 1920s-era mosaic tiling. To the immediate north of the station, the 1878 railroad tunnel that carries the line under Eastern Parkway has been dramatically lighted. This is the oldest tunnel currently in subway use.[10]


IRT Eastern Parkway Line platforms[]

 Franklin Avenue
 "2" train"3" train"4" train"5" train
MTA NYC logo.svg New York City Subway station (rapid transit)
Franklin Av IRT WB plat east jeh.JPG
Northbound platform
Station statistics
DivisionA (IRT)
LineIRT Eastern Parkway Line
Services      2 all times (all times)
      3 all except late nights (all except late nights)
      4 all times (all times)
      5 weekdays only (weekdays only)
Platforms2 island platforms
cross-platform interchange
Other information
OpenedAugust 23, 1920; 98 years ago (1920-08-23)
Station code342[1]
AccessibilityCross-platform wheelchair transfer available
Wireless serviceWi-Fi and cellular service is provided at this station[11]
Station succession
Next northAtlantic Avenue–Barclays Center (express): 4 all except late nights5 weekdays until 8:45 p.m.
Eastern Parkway–Brooklyn Museum (local): 2 all times3 all except late nights4 late nights
Next southNostrand Avenue (local): 2 limited weekday rush hour service in the peak direction only3 all except late nights4 late nights and limited weekday rush hour service in the peak direction
Crown Heights–Utica Avenue (express): 4 all except late nights5 limited rush hour service only
President Street (via Nostrand Ave): 2 all times5 weekdays only

Franklin Avenue is an underground express station on the IRT Eastern Parkway Line that has four tracks with two island platforms and opened on August 23, 1920.[6]

Both platforms have yellow i-beam columns on both sides at regular intervals with every other one having the standard black station name plate in white lettering. The platform walls have their original Dual Contracts trim line with "F" tablets for "Franklin" at regular intervals. At the extreme west (railroad north) end, the platforms were extended in the 1950s to accommodate the current standard IRT train length of 510 feet. The walls here have a blue trim line with "FRANKLIN AVE" in white sans serif lettering on two lines.

The station's main entrance is a mezzanine above the platforms and tracks at their center. Two staircases from each platform go up to a waiting area that allows a free transfer between directions. Outside of the turnstile bank, there is a token booth and four street stairs to either eastern corners of Franklin Avenue and Eastern Parkway.

The transfer to the Franklin Avenue Shuttle is at the west end of the station. A single staircase from each platform goes up to a mezzanine, where a passageway leads to the north end of the Franklin Avenue-bound platform. A crossover is required to reach the Prospect Park-bound platform.

The station has been adopted by Clara Barton High School as part of New York City Transit's Adopt-A-Station program.

Rogers Junction[]

Track layout
Local tracks
Express tracks rise
from under local tracks
Superimposed tunnels
Left tracks over right tracks
Lower level track
Upper level track

East (railroad south) of this station is Rogers Junction, where trains can diverge to the IRT Nostrand Avenue Line or continue on Eastern Parkway. From west to east between the station and the junction, the northbound local track descends to a lower level directly below the southbound local track. Then, the northbound express track, which is still on the upper level at this point, descends to the lower level directly below the southbound express track, creating a dual level two-over-two track layout.[6][12]

At the junction, a switch on the upper level allows southbound 5 express trains to change to the local track, and a corresponding switch on the lower level allows 5 trains on the northbound local track to change to the express track. Directly to the east, all of the mainline tracks shift slightly to the north, and the mainline local tracks on both levels become the Nostrand Avenue Line tracks, which turn to the south. There is a closed tower at the south end of the southbound platform.[6][12]

This junction is a severe traffic bottleneck during rush hours, and rebuilding it would require massive construction including the tearing up of Eastern Parkway.[13] The reconstruction of the junction in order to alleviate train congestion has been suggested several times. The plan was first unveiled in the 1967 Transportation Studies for Southeast Brooklyn, and subsequently in 1968 as part of the Program for Action. The MTA's Engineering Department Planning Division considered such a project again in 1972. In 1993, as part of the 1992-1996 Capital Program, the MTA studied seven alternatives for rebuilding the junction. The 1993 study suggested the further scrutiny of two proposals: "Alternative 4", which would simply add a switch on each level east of the Nostrand Avenue Line split, and "Alternative 6", which would reconstruct the junction entirely.[14]



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