Fourth Conference of the International Woman Suffrage Alliance

Fourth Conference of the International Woman Suffrage Alliance was held in June 1908, at the Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The Fourth Congress numbered thirteen countries at its opening. Three new applications for membership were heard and the organizations accepted, namely, those of the Bulgarian Woman’s Alliance; the Swiss Verband fur Frauenstimmrecht; the two associations of Cape Town and Natal, which had united for the purpose of affiliation, and thus represented South Africa. Fraternal delegates represented five additional countries, and as all the auxiliary associations had sent delegates to the meeting, twenty-one countries in all were represented in the Amsterdam Congress.[1]

"England is the storm center of our movement," declared the President of the International Woman's Suffrage Alliance in the Amsterdam Congress. This was the conviction of the Congress, which therefore resolved to hold the next International Woman's Suffrage Congress in London (in April, 1909).[2]

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