Fight for LSU

"Fight for LSU" is the official fight song of the LSU Tigers and Lady Tigers intercollegiate sports teams of Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.[1]

History of the lyrics and score[]

"Fight for LSU" was written by Castro Carazo in the 1940s. The band plays the song often, most notably when the team enters the field (while the band is in a tunnel formation at the end of its pregame performance), successfully kicks a field goal, scores an extra point, or completes a two-point conversion.[2] Following a halftime performance, the band often exits the field while playing "Fight for LSU." The full song uses elements of a musical march and consists of an introduction, a strain that is played twice (and sung twice using the same lyrics), a breakup strain (with new lyrics), a return to the introduction, a final repetition of the original strain (at a faster tempo and with the original lyrics), and a coda. Often the band only plays the introduction, a single strain, and the coda.

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