Federico Moccia

Federico Moccia

Federico Moccia (born 20 July 1963) is an Italian writer, screenwriter and film director. His father Giuseppe Moccia was also a screenwriter and director. Following his successful book and film I Want You many people put love padlocks on Ponte Milvio in Rome[1] and other places around the world. From 2011 he is the mayor of the village Rosello (Abruzzo)


The "love padlocks" in Rome

He is the son of Italian scriptwriter and movie director Giuseppe Moccia, and his childhood was linked to the world of cinema through his father, which he wrote in several Italian comedies of the 70s and 80s. It started in the world of work from his father at age 19 as assistant director Attila flagello di Dio (1982) .1 Five years later he directed his first film, Palla to the center, but the lack of success he had caused Moccia wrote screenplays and directed several series. In 1992 he wrote Three Meters Above Heaven (Tre Metri Sopra il Cielo/Tres metros sobre el cielo), his first novel, which was rejected by several publishers and decided to pay a small ion "Publisher Il Ventaglio". Again without success, in 1996 wrote and directed the film Classe mista 3A and returned to the world of television. In 2004, twelve years after its first ion, Three meters above the Heaven was reissued, was a bestseller and the story was even adapted to film. The book, which received several awards, was translated into several languages and published throughout Europe, Brazil and Japan. In 2006 he published I want you (Ho Voglia di Te/Tengo ganas de ti), sequel to the previous novel, which was so successful that it was decided, again, to adapt it to film. Something similar happened with Sorry if I call love (Scusa ma ti chiamo amore) (2007), whose sequel is sorry but I want to marry you (2009) (Scusa ma ti voglio sposare) whose premiere was in 2010.

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