Falcon 9 booster B1019

Falcon 9 booster B1019
Falcon 9 booster B1019 (35943121786).jpg
Booster B1019 on display at SpaceX headquarters
Role First stage of orbital rocket
National origin United States
Type Falcon 9 first-stage booster
Manufacturer SpaceX
Construction number B1019
First flight 22 December 2015
(OG-2 Mission 2)
Last flight 22 December 2015
Flights 1
Status Retired
Preserved at SpaceX headquarters in Hawthorne, California, U.S.
33°55′12″N 118°19′37″W / 33.919931°N 118.326846°W / 33.919931; -118.326846Coordinates: 33°55′12″N 118°19′37″W / 33.919931°N 118.326846°W / 33.919931; -118.326846

Falcon 9 booster B1019 is a first-stage reusable rocket booster for the Falcon 9 orbital launch vehicle manufactured by SpaceX. B1019 became the first orbital-class rocket to perform a successful return to launch site and vertical landing.[1][2][3]

The booster is now on permanent display outside SpaceX's headquarters in Hawthorne, California at the intersection of Crenshaw Boulevard and Jack Northrop Avenue.[4]

Flight history[]

Flight # Launch date (UTC) Mission # Payload Liftoff Landing Landing location Notes
1 22 December 2015 Falcon 9 Flight 20 OG-2 Mission 2 ORBCOMM-2 (23802549782).jpg ORBCOMM-2 First-Stage Landing (23271687254).jpg Landing Zone 1 (LZ-1) Historic first successful orbital-class rocket landing


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