FN Special Police Rifle

FN Special Police Rifle (SPR)
FN Special Purpose Rifle.JPG
Two FN SPR sniper rifles (A2 variants) on display
TypeSniper rifle
Place of originUnited States
Service history
Used byFederal Bureau of Investigation
Production history
ManufacturerFN Herstal
VariantsA1, A1a, A2, A4, A3G, A5M
Mass4.9–7.5 kg depending on variant
Length~1015 mm (40") with 20" barrel
~1120 mm (44") with 24" barrel
Barrel length508 mm (20 in) or
610 mm (24 in)

Feed system.308 Winchester:
  • 4-round detachable box magazine or
  • 5-round internal box magazine

.300 Winchester Short Magnum:

  • 3-round internal box magazine
SightsTelescopic sight

The FN Special Police Rifle (FN SPR) is a bolt-action sniper rifle marketed by FNH USA, a subsidiary of the Belgian company FN Herstal.

Design details[]

The rifle is manufactured at the U.S. Repeating Arms Company (owned by FN de Herstal) to FN specifications using Winchester Model 70 actions. All current models of the SPR come in one of a variety of McMillan synthetic stocks. The earliest rifles were shipped in the H-S Precision aluminum chassis fiberglass version of the Winchester Marksman stock. While these "First Generation" rifles were simply dropped into the aluminum bedding blocks of the H-S Precision stock, the later guns are all glass bedded by hand.

FN Special Police Rifles of all iterations are noted for being both very accurate (0.5 MOA or somewhat less is not uncommon) and very low maintenance, featuring Parkerized metal finish, synthetic stocks, and a chrome-lined bore in the barrel. A chrome-lined bore offers a more durable, more corrosion resistant, and easier-to-clean barrel for the end user to maintain and is rarely found on precision bolt-action sniper rifles. The barrels of the "First Generation" rifles were said to be made from the hammer-forged blanks used for M240 General Purpose Machine Gun production at the FN Manufacturing Inc. plant in Columbia, South Carolina. Later barrels are said to be from hammer-forged blanks intended exclusively for FN Special Police Rifle production.




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