Ermentrude of France

Louis the Stammerer, father of Ermentrude.

Ermentrude (French: Ermentrude de France; 875/78–?) was a Princess of France in the Middle Ages, named after her grandmother, Queen Ermentrude of Orléans.[1]


Ermentrude was a daughter of King Louis the Stammerer and his second wife, Queen Adelaide of Paris,[2] whom he married in February 875 with official sanction.

Louis had secretly married as his first wife Ansgarde of Burgundy, but the marriage was annulled prior to his marriage with Adelaide.

After the death of Louis, the struggle for power in the kingdom probably led to Ermentrude’s marriage to someone for whom records are scant, whereas usually the marriage of daughter of a king is to a well known noble.

Ermentrude’s daughter, Cunigunda, first in 909 married Wigeric of Lotharingia, count of Bidgau and count palatine of Lotharingia, then in 922 married Ricwin, Count of Verdun (d. 923).


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