Ecologist Party "The Greens"

Ecologist Party

Parti écologiste
ChairmanFrançois de Rugy
National Assembly PresidentRichard Ferrand
FounderFrançois de Rugy
Jean-Vincent Placé
Founded2 September 2015
Split fromEurope Ecology – The Greens
IdeologyGreen politics
Green liberalism
Political positionCentre-left[1]
National affiliationUnion of Democrats and Ecologists (until Jul 2016)
European affiliationNone
European Parliament groupNone
ColoursBlue, green
National Assembly
3 / 577
1 / 348
Regional Councils
1 / 1,757

The Ecologist Party (founded as écologistes !) is a centre-left French political party created in September 2015 by François de Rugy, the president of the Ecologist group in the National Assembly and Jean-Vincent Placé, the president of the Ecologist group in the Senate.

This party was initially created as a reaction to the decision taken by EELV of making alliances with the Left Front. The aim of UDE founders was to create a reformist center-left party, accepting globalization and market economy, and supporting president François Hollande. The founders of UDE declared they wanted to become a strong ally of the Socialist Party, and attract people from EELV or from the MoDem.[2][3]