This is a list of hospitals in the Netherlands.

University and supra-regional hospitals[]

All hospitals listed here are also listed under their respective provinces. The eight university hospitals offer the highest level of care available in the Netherlands. Each of these hospitals offers specialized services such as neurosurgery, cardiac surgery, a high-level emergency department, advanced oncology, departments for infectious diseases, and other services generally not found in smaller hospitals.

University hospitals [1]
Non-university major "top-clinical" hospitals

A level and type of care similar to that offered by university hospitals is offered by a number of large hospitals which are not directly affiliated with a university, though these hospitals tend to be somewhat smaller. These hospitals are frequently referred to as "top-clinical" centers.

Hospitals in Drenthe[]

Hospitals in Flevoland[]

Hospitals in Friesland[]

Hospitals in Gelderland[]

Hospitals in Groningen[]

Hospitals in Limburg[]

Hospitals in North Brabant[]

Hospitals in North Holland[]

Hospitals in Amsterdam
Hospitals in other parts of North Holland

Hospitals in Overijssel[]

Hospitals in Utrecht[]

Hospitals in Zeeland[]

Hospitals in South Holland[]


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