Democratic Party of Guinea – African Democratic Rally

Democratic Party of Guinea – African Democratic Rally
Parti Démocratique de Guinée-Rassemblement Démocratique Africain
Leader El Hadj Ismael Mohamed Gassim Gushein
Co-founder Sékou Touré
Founded June 1947
Headquarters Conakry, Guinea
Ideology African nationalism
African socialism
Authoritarianism (historic)
Pan-Africanism[citation needed]
International affiliation African Democratic Rally

The Democratic Party of Guinea-African Democratic Rally (Parti Démocratique de Guinée-Rassemblement Démocratique Africain) is a political party in Guinea. The party was founded as a branch of the African Democratic Rally (RDA) in June 1947.[1] On 19 October 1958 the party severed its links with the RDA, other members of which supported a closer union with France.[2] The party's leader, Sékou Touré, became the country's first president. Two years later, he declared the PDG to be the sole legal party in the country. As president of the PDG, Touré was the only candidate for president of the republic, and as such was elected unopposed to four seven-year terms. Every five years, a single list of PDG candidates was returned to the National Assembly. After the fall of the Touré regime in 1984, the PDG was dissolved.

In 1992 PDG-RDA was revived under the leadership of El Hadj Ismael Mohamed Gassim Gushein. In the parliamentary election held on 30 June 2002, the party won 3.4% of the popular vote and 3 out of 114 seats.[3]

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