Cruls (Martian crater)

Cruls (Martian crater) THEMIS IR Day (MDIM2.1) Image.png
Martian impact crater Cruls based on Mars Odyssey Orbiter THEMIS IR image.[2]
Coordinates42°55′S 163°02′E / 42.91°S 163.03°E / -42.91; 163.03Coordinates: 42°55′S 163°02′E / 42.91°S 163.03°E / -42.91; 163.03
Diameter87.89 km
EponymLuís Cruls, Brazilian astronomer.

Cruls is an impact crater in the Eridania quadrangle on Mars at 42.91° S and 163.03° E. and is 87.89 km in diameter. Its name was assigned in 1973 by the International Astronomical Union, in honor of Brazilian astronomer Luís Cruls.[1] Evidence of previous glacial activity is evident in images.[3]

Glacial Features[]

Glaciers, loosely defined as patches of currently or recently flowing ice, are thought to be present across large but restricted areas of the modern Martian surface, and are inferred to have been more widely distributed at times in the past.[4][5]

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