Critical-list minor planet

A critical-list minor planet (critical list numbered object or critical object) is a numbered minor planet whose orbit and position is especially in need of improvement.[1]

The IAU's Minor Planet Center (MPC) regularly publishes a list of these critical objects in their Minor Planet Electronic Circular.[2] The list typically contains asteroids that have been observed at a small number of apparitions, especially on opposition, or that have not been adequately observed for more than 10 years, while other observatories create their own, customized lists.[3] The MPC also lists currently observable critical objects on their website,[4] providing differently formatted lists of orbital elements to the worldwide astrometric community.[5]

As of July 2020, the MPC includes more than a thousand objects in their critical list, half of them being either near-Earth asteroids or distant minor planets which account for 674 and 192 critical objects, respectively.[6]


The lowest numbered critical-list objects are:[6]

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