Cooma Mail

Cooma Mail
Service typePassenger train
First serviceMay 1889
Last service31 May 1986
Former operator(s)State Rail Authority
Distance travelled435 kilometres
Service frequencydaily in each direction
Train number(s)SL12/SL13
Line(s) usedMain South

The Cooma Mail was an Australian passenger train that operated from May 1889 until May 1986 between Sydney and Cooma.


The Cooma Mail commenced operating following the opening of the line from Michelago to Cooma in May 1889. The service ran overnight departing Sydney at 21:00 arriving in Cooma at 10:30 the following morning.[1]

In 1912, the service was upgraded to run as a passenger train throughout, it had previously operated as a mixed train south of Queanbeyan, and accelerated departing Sydney at 20:25 and arriving at 07:00. In March 1927 a Canberra portion was added.[1]

In June 1981, the Sydney bound services was altered to operate as a daylight service departing Cooma at 08:50.[1] On 31 May 1986 the Cooma Mail was withdrawn.[2]


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