Conrad Weygand

Conrad Weygand (8 November 1890 – 18 April 1945) was Professor of Chemistry at the University of Leipzig.

In 1938 he put forward a method for the classification of chemical reactions based on bond breakage and formation during the reaction.[1] The preparative part of his book, Organisch-Chemische Experimentierkunst, was translated into English and published as Organic Preparations by Interscience Publishers, Inc. in 1946.[2]

Gravesite of Weygand at Südfriedhof (Leipzig).

His book about German chemistry [3] introduces similar thoughts like there were presented by Philipp Lenard in his Deutsche Physik movement.

Enlisting as a commander of a Volkssturm unit, Conrad Weygand was killed in action on 18 April 1945 in Leipzig against US ground forces during the final battle for the city.


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