Claw Boys Claw discography

Claw Boys Claw discography
Studio albums10
Compilation albums2

The discography of the Claw Boys Claw, a rock and roll band from the Netherlands active since 1984, comprises a dozen albums and more than a dozen singles. After two independent releases, the band signed with Polydor. After three albums for EMI in the early nineties and one more in 1997, the band went into semi-retirement, from which it emerged in 2008, now under contract with Play It Again Sam (PIAS). As a result of the band's renewed activity, PIAS reissued the band's debut album, and EMI reissued a number of albums from the 1990s.


Title Released Label(s) Format(s) Notes
Shocking Shades of Claw Boys Claw May 1984 Hipcat LP (#HIP 1234) Reissued on LP by Polydor, 24 November 1986 (#831 439-1). Reissued on CD in June 2008 by PIAS (#900.0809.020), with five additional songs (from "So Mean" (single) and Indian Wallpaper (12")
Now! 1985 Hipcat 12" (#HIP 5678) Recorded live at the Melkweg, Amsterdam, 29 November 1984.
With Love From The Boys 1986 Polydor LP (#829 538-1), MC (#829 538-4) Produced by Vic Maile. MC had three additional live songs, "Suzie McKenna", "Shake it on the Rocks" and "Venus," recorded at Pinkpop Festival 1986.
Crack My Nut 1987 Polydor LP (#833 436-1), CD (#833 436-2) CD with two extra songs: "Monoman" and "The Clapman."
Hitkillers 1988 Megadisc LP (MD 7894) Covers of Dutch hits, with guest musicians Hans Dulfer, Tineke Schoenmaker, Herman Brood, Jaap van Beusekom, Cor Witjes, John Legrand, A.L. Jones.
Angelbite 1990 Solid LP (#527.9001.10), CD (#527.9001.20)
$uga(r) 1992 EMI CD (#0777 7809162 2) Reissued on CD in February 2008 by EMI, with two extra tracks.
Nipple 1994 EMI CD (#7243 8 31127 2 2) Reissued on CD in February 2008 by EMI, with three extra tracks.
Will-O-The-Wisp 3 March 1997 EMI CD (#7243 8 59950 2 6) Reissued on CD in February 2008 by EMI, with six extra tracks.
Pajama Day 4 February 2008 PIAS CD (#481.1700.022)
Hammer 2013 PIAS CD (#944.A106.220)
It's Not Me, The Horse Is Not Me - Part 1 23 February 2018 CD (Butler Records), LP (Music On Vinyl) CD (#BUR340036), LP (#MOVLP2081)
Kite 1 October 2021 Excelsior Recordings LP (#EXCEL96645), CD (#EXCEL96646) The (double) LP version contains an extra track "The Horse Part 2 - Re: Red Letter, You're On Your Own"

Compilation albums[]

Title Released Label(s) Format(s) Notes
Claw Boys Claw 3 in 1 1987 Polydor LP (#833 049-1) Compilation of Now!, "So Mean," and Indian Wallpaper.
Hitkillers/The Beast Of Claw Boys Claw 1988 Megadisc CD (#MDC 7894) Hitkillers with additional songs (except one track, all are rerecorded versions of previously released Claw Boys Claw tracks)


Single Released Label Format(s) Song(s) and notes
"So Mean" 1985 Hipcat 7" (#HIP 2345) "So Mean" b/w "Love Like Seas."
"Indian Wallpaper" 1985 Hipcat 7" (#HIP 6789) "Indian Wallpaper" b/w "Dirty Dog."
Indian Wallpaper 1985 Hipcat 12" (#HIP 6789) "Dirty Dog" and "Foul Play" b/w "Indian Wallpaper"
"Locomotive Breath" 1986 Polydor 7" (#885 187-7) "Locomotive Breath" b/w "Suzie McKenna". The last track was recorded live at Pinkpop 1986.
"Locomotive Breath" 1986 Polydor 12" (#885 187-1) "Locomotive Breath" and "Suzie McKenna" b/w "Shake It On The Rocks" and "Venus". The last three tracks were recorded live at Pinkpop 1986.
"Blue Bells" 1986 Polydor 7" (#885 521-7) "Blue Bells" b/w "Jingle Bells". Christmas single. Rereleased by Polydor in 1987 (#887 294-7).
"Teenage Heartattack" 1987 Polydor 7" (#885 994-7) "Teenage Heartattack" b/w "The Clapman"
"Gimme A Break" 1988 Polydor 7" (#887 392-7) "Gimme A Break" b/w Monoman"
"Dracula/The Rose" 1989 Megadisc 7" (#MD 5270) "Dracula" b/w "The Rose"
"Dracula/The Rose" 1989 Megadisc CD single (#MDC 5270) Includes "Dracula" and "The Rose" plus bonus live concert by The Hipcats: "Down In The Boondocks", "Groupy Girl", "Angel Of The Morning", "Born To Wander", "Come Together", "Return Of The Phantom Shark", "Sunset 'B", "I'm Eighteen" and "Oh Pretty Woman". Bonus live concert by The Hipcats (= Claw Boys Claw), recorded opening for Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds at Vredenburg, Utrecht, October 6, 1986 (incorrectly on sleeve as June 10, 1986).[1]
"Maniac" 1990 Solid 7" (#527.9002.40) "Maniac" b/w "Clapping Song"
"Bite The Dice" 1990 Solid CD single (#527.9003.22) Includes acoustic set, recorded and mixed at SPN Studios, Amsterdam, October 1990: "Hungerlove", "Bite The Dice, Maniac", "Spoons On Fire" and "Locomotive Breath"
"Rosie" 1992 EMI 7" (#7243 8 72009 7 5), CD single (#7243 8 72009 2 0) "Rosie" b/w "Rosie (Lambless)". The first top-40 hit for the band in the Netherlands.[2]
"Spread that Jam" 1993 EMI 7" (#872 017-7), CD single (#7243 8 72017 2 9) "Spread that Jam (remix)" b/w "The Keeper"
"Jackal Is Back" 1993 EMI CD single (#7243 8 72024 2 9) "Jackal Is Back" and "Yoy (Lambless)"
"Call Me An Angel" 1994 EMI CD single (#7243 8 72060 2 1) "Call Me An Angel" and "Part One"
"Call Me An Angel" 1994 EMI CD single (#7243 8 72064 2 7) "Call Me An Angel", "Get You Off (brrr mix)", "Sound Isn't Real (previously unreleased)" and "Sugarlite Blonde (Pinkpop '93)"
"Walk Away" 1995 EMI CD single (#7243 8 72077 2 1) Promotional only single, includes "Walk Away", "Part One" and "Get You Off (brrr mix)"
"Sick In The Head" 1995 EMI CD single (#7243 8 72077 2 1) Includes acoustic set recorded for Veronica's Countdown Café: "Paris", "Walk Away" and "Call Me An Angel."
"Why Don't You Grow" 1997 EMI CD single (#7243 8 844002 8) "Why Don't You Grow" and "Will-O-The-Wisp (In My Garden)"
"Kiss Kiss" 1997 EMI CD single (#7243 8 848952 2) "Kiss Kiss" and "Horsefly (recorded in space) (droopy-tune version)"
"I Am Sea" 2008 PIAS CDR single One-track promotional single for radio stations only.


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