Chief of the Air Staff's Warrant Officer

Chief of the Air Staff's Warrant Officer
British RAF OR-9.svg
Warrant officer insignia
CASWO Jake Alpert 1.jpg
Jake Alpert MBE

since October 2019
 Royal Air Force
Member ofAir Force Board
Reports toChief of the Air Staff
FormationMay 1996
First holderGreg Dutton

The Chief of the Air Staff's Warrant Officer (CASWO) is the senior RAF appointment for a OR9 warrant officer (WO), and therefore the most senior non-commissioned appointment in the Royal Air Force (RAF).[1] The person holding this military appointment advises the Chief of the Air Staff (CAS) on matters concerning airmen and airwomen of the RAF.[1][2] The post was created in 1996.[1][3]

List of Chief of the Air Staff's Warrant Officers[]

Name Image years Chief of the Air Staff Ref
WO Greg Dutton MBE BEM No image.png May 1996 – January 1998 Sir Michael Graydon
WO Jim Andrews MBE BEM No image.png January 1998 – January 2000 Sir Richard Johns
WO René Michael Stuart MBE No image.png January 2000 – May 2003 Sir Richard Johns
Sir Peter Squire
WO Robert 'Bob' Loughlin MBE No image.png May 2003 – November 2006 Sir Jock Stirrup [4]
WO Lyndsay Morgan MBE Warrant Officer Lindsey Morgan (cropped).jpg November 2006 – July 2009 Sir Glenn Torpy [2]
WO Gary Wilcox No image.png July 2009 – February 2012 Sir Stephen Dalton [2]
WO Graeme Spark MBE No image.png February 2012 – October 2014 Sir Stephen Dalton
Sir Andrew Pulford
WO Clive Martland MBE UK military London Pride (Clive Martland cropped) (cropped).jpg October 2014 – October 2016 Sir Andrew Pulford
Sir Stephen Hillier
WO Jon Crossley CASWO Jon Crossley (cropped).jpg October 2016 – October 2019 Sir Stephen Hillier
Michael Wigston
WO Jake Alpert MBE CASWO Jake Alpert.jpg October 2019 – present Michael Wigston [1][5]

The Royal Navy equivalent is the Warrant Officer of the Naval Service (WONS),[6] and in the Royal Marines the Corps Regimental Sergeant Major. The British Army's recent equivalent is the Army Sergeant Major.[7]

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