Carl W. Hergenrother

Minor planets discovered: 32 [1]
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Carl William Hergenrother (born 1973) is an American astronomer and discoverer of minor planets and comets.[2][3]

As cred by the Minor Planet Center, he has discovered and co-discovered 32 numbered asteroids at the Bigelow Sky Survey during 1993–1999.[1] He has also discovered a number of comets including the long-period comet, C/1996 R1 (Hergenrother-Spahr), and three periodic comets, 168P/Hergenrother, 175P/Hergenrother and P/1999 V1 (Catalina). He is also a member of the science and operations team of the 2016-launched OSIRIS-REx spacecraft, a sample return mission to study near-Earth asteroid 101955 Bennu.[2]

The outer main-belt asteroid 3099 Hergenrother was named in his honor on 3 May 1996 (M.P.C. 27124).[3][4]

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