Campbell River First Nation (Wei Wai Kum)

Campbell River First Nation (Wei Wai Kum)
Band No. 622
Campbell River.png
Main reserveCampbell River 11
Land area2.033 km2
On reserve367
Off reserve470
Total population837
ChiefRobert Pollard
Tribal Council
Kwakiutl District Council

The Campbell River First Nation (Wei Wai Kum) are the band government of one of the component groups of the Laich-kwil-tach or Southern Kwakiutl subgroup of the Kwakwaka'wakw peoples, based at the city of Campbell River. They are part of the Hamatla Treaty Society.[1]

Chief and Councillors[]

Wei Wai Kum First Nation Memorial Poles

Chief Councillor - Bob Pollard; Councillors - Dean Drake; John Henderson; Tony Roberts Jr; Curtis Wilson; Marion Atkinson; Jason Price;


The Campbell River First Nation has 665 members.[2]


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