Brorfelde Observatoriet

Brorfelde Observatory
Brorfelde Observatory with the building housing the Schmidt telescope at right
Observatory code 054 Edit this on Wikidata
LocationHolbæk Municipality, Region Zealand, Denmark
Coordinates55°37′29″N 11°39′53″E / 55.624661°N 11.664739°E / 55.624661; 11.664739Coordinates: 55°37′29″N 11°39′53″E / 55.624661°N 11.664739°E / 55.624661; 11.664739
Altitude60 m (200 ft) Edit this at Wikidata
Established1953 Edit this on Wikidata Edit this at Wikidata
TelescopesBrorfelde Schmidt Telescope Edit this on Wikidata
Brorfelde Observatory is located in Denmark
Brorfelde Observatory
Location of Brorfelde Observatory
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Brorfelde Observatory (Danish: Brorfelde Observatoriet; obs. code: 054) is an astronomical observatory located in Brorfelde near Holbæk, Denmark. It is home to the Brorfelde Schmidt Telescope and was run as a branch of the Copenhagen University Observatory until 1996. It still has telescopes that are used by University of Copenhagen students, but the operating staff moved to the Rockefeller Complex in Copenhagen.[1]

Brorfelde Observatory and Brorfelde was a part of a Danish advent calendar running in 2012, and 2019 on DR1 - a Danish national TV channel.[citation needed]


The 77-centimetre Schmidt telescope from 1966 at Brorfelde Observatory was originally equipped with photographic film.[citation needed] An engineer is here showing the film-box, which was then placed behind the locker at the center of the telescope (at the telescope's prime focus).


The Hungaria asteroid 3309 Brorfelde was discovered at, and named for the observatory. It was its first minor planet discovery.[1] The naming citation was published by the Minor Planet Center on 7 September 1987 (M.P.C. 12210).[2]

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Minor planets[]

Minor planets discovered: more than 100
3033 Holbaek March 5, 1984
3309 Brorfelde January 28, 1982
3312 Pedersen September 24, 1984
3369 Freuchen October 18, 1985
5165 Videnom February 11, 1985
5427 Jensmartin May 13, 1986
(7743) 1986 JA May 2, 1986
8261 Ceciliejulie September 11, 1985
9555 Frejakocha April 2, 1986
(8338) 1985 FE3 March 27, 1985
(22282) 1985 RA September 11, 1985
(24642) 1984 SA September 22, 1984

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