Bolivarian Agency for Space Activities

Agencia Bolivariana para Actividades Espaciales
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Agency overview
FormedOctober 25, 2007; 11 years ago (2007-10-25)
Preceding agency
  • CEV (2005–2007)
HeadquartersCaracas, Venezuela
Agency executive
  • Anthoni Camilo Torres, President[1]

The Bolivarian Agency for Space Activities (Agencia Bolivariana para Actividades Espaciales, ABAE) is an agency of the Ministry of Science of Venezuela, responsible for developing and carrying out policies of the National Executive Venezuela regarding the use of the outer space.


ABAE logo (2007 to 2017)

Originally designated Venezuelan Space Center (CEV), created on November 28, 2005. Then, the requirements grew up and the body was renamed as Bolivarian Agency for Space Activities (ABAE). The purpose of this agency is to design, coordinate and implement and operate the policies of the Venezuelan National Executive, related to the peaceful use of outer space, and act as a decentralized entity specialized in aerospace. Since its creation, it has been working on the launch of the first artificial satellite of Venezuela, the Satellite Simon Bolivar (Venesat-1), operational on October 29, 2008, Satellite Miranda (VRSS-1) on September 29, 2012, Satellite Sucre (VRSS-2) Oct 2017 [2][3], operates the Ground Receiving Stations and Ground Application Center for the country's remote sensing satellites.


ABAE's space centre

Among the objectives of the Bolivarian Agency for Space Activities [4], some include:

Research lines and specific interests[]

A Long March 2D launching VRSS-1 on 29 September 2012

Among the research and interests of the Bolivarian Agency for Space Activities, some include:[5]


Earth Observation[]

Space Engineering[]


The Institution is governed and administered by a Board of Directors[4] composed of a Chairman and four members and their alternates. The President is appointed by the head of state, the four members and their alternates shall be officials of appointment and removal of the Minister of Science (MPPEUCT) [6]

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International Charter 'Space and Major Disasters'

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