Bishop's Court railway station

Bishop's Court Halt
Stad Cooyrt Yn Aspick
The Isle of Man Railway Co., Ltd.
The Manx Northern Railway Co., Ltd.
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Former Bishop's residence
LocationOff Ramsey Road, Patrick.
Coordinates54°18′13″N 4°34′13″W
Owned byIsle of Man Railway Co.
Line(s)The Ramsey Line
PlatformsOne, Ground Level
TracksOne, Running Line
Structure typeNone
ParkingNone Provided
OpenedSee Text
Closed1950 (1950)
Previous namesManx Northern Railway Co.
Passengers Passenger Only (Limited)
Waiting Bench
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Bishop's Court Halt was a station on the Manx Northern Railway, later owned and operated by the Isle of Man Railway; it served the residence of the local bishop in the Isle of Man and was a stopping place on a line that ran between St. John's and Ramsey.

Description and history[]

The halt was built to serve the nearby estate of Bishop's Court, the home of the Bishop of Sodor and Man for the use of the bishop, his staff and visitors. The halt was marked only by a bench and some steps leading down from the estate.


The opening date of the halt is not recorded although it probably dates from the opening of the line (23 September 1879 (1879-09-23)). The halt never appeared in the public timetable and saw only limited use which is well documented in The Isle of Man Railway by James I.C. Boyd (Oakwood Press, 1962).


Although originally intended as a private station, it was opened to the public between 23 September 1930 (1930-09-23) and 3 March 1935 (1935-03-03) and referred to as Bishopscourt Halt. A hand-operated signal was installed at the site which was operated by the bishop and his guests and staff in order to halt trains for them to board; the guard needed to be informed if someone wanted to alight. After 1935 it was only occasionally used as a private halt until closed in 1950.


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Coordinates: 54°18′13″N 4°34′13″W / 54.30361°N 4.57028°W / 54.30361; -4.57028