The Badimaya people (also written Badimia) are an Aboriginal Australian people from the Mid west region of Western Australia.


Traditional Badimaya country was calculated by Tindale to encompass approximately 11,300 square miles (29,000 km2), and is bordered by the Western Desert language groups of the Tjuparn and the Wanmala to the east, the Noongar to the south-west and Watjarri to the north-west.[1][2]

This country covers Cue, Nannine and Mount Magnet to the north, Paynes Find to the south, Yalgoo to the southwest, and the northwest lay along the Sandford River.[3]


Badimaya belongs to the Kartu branch of the Pama–Nyungan family.[4] It is a critically endangered language, however there is a strong language revival movement underway in the Badimaya community. [5]

Social organisation and customs[]

The Badimaya were reported to practise both circumcision and subincision.[3]

Notable people[]

Alternative names and spellings[]

Names according to Norman Tindale:[3]



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