Ayn al-Tamr

Ayn al-Tamr
عين التمر
Ayn al-Tamr is located in Iraq
Ayn al-Tamr
Ayn al-Tamr
Location in Iraq
Coordinates: 32°33′58.0″N 43°29′25.4″E / 32.566111°N 43.490389°E / 32.566111; 43.490389
Country Iraq
DistrictsAin Al-Tamur

Ayn al-Tamr or Ain al-Tamur (Arabic: عين التمر) is a city in central Iraq, located about 67 km west of Karbala near Razzaza Lake. The oasis of Ayn al-Tamr comprises many villages which are famous for palm orchards and mineral water. The city is considered one of the main sources of dates that made it an important hub on the route of Hajj in ancient times.[1]


The city was originally known as Ŝeṯâṯa[2] or Ŝefâṯa, which means "clear water" or "pure spring" in ancient Aramaic, until 1938 when it was renamed to Ayn al-Tamr, best known as the location of the Battle of Ayn al-Tamr (633).

The region contains many ancient palaces and monasteries, such as Al-Ukhaidir Fortress, Bardawil Castle, Shimon ibn Jaber Palace, and Al-Aqiser Church (Mini-Palace Church) which is one of the oldest churches in the Middle East.[3][4]

Notable people[]


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