Avon Valley National Park

Avon Valley National Park
Western Australia
IUCN category II (national park)
Avon vally gnangarra-34.jpg
Avon river and Eastern Railway passing through the Avon Valley National Park
Avon Valley National Park is located in Western Australia
Avon Valley National Park
Avon Valley National Park
Nearest town or cityToodyay
Coordinates31°37′30″S 116°11′01″E / 31.62500°S 116.18361°E / -31.62500; 116.18361Coordinates: 31°37′30″S 116°11′01″E / 31.62500°S 116.18361°E / -31.62500; 116.18361
Area43.66 km2 (16.9 sq mi)[1]
Managing authoritiesParks and Wildlife Service
WebsiteAvon Valley National Park
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Western Australia

Avon Valley is a national park in Western Australia, 47 kilometres northeast of Perth. It was named after the Avon River which flows through it. The area is an undulating plateau with the sides of the valley steeply sloping back to the river approximately 200 metres (660 ft) below. The area contains granite outcrops and a mix of soil types including loams, gravels and lateritic sands.[2]

It was officially named on 15 October 1971.[3]

Jarrah, Marri and Wandoo trees are found in the park along with 90 different species of birds making it an ideal place for bird watching.[4] Christmas trees and grasstrees are interspersed through the woodlands.[5]

In the springtime the park is visited by wildflower enthusiasts to view the a diverse range of flowers including dryandras, donkey orchids and lechenaultias.[6] Other plants found in the area are Conostylis and the rare fringed lily are also found within the park.[2]

The bushranger Moondyne Joe used the area as a hide-out with his cave and corral situated within the park boundaries. Both have since been damaged by a series of bushfires within the park.[7]

The third route of the Eastern Railway is in parts the southern border of the park, on the southern side of the Avon River, and provides - at times of bushfires and other emergencies - a track and point of access.[8]


Entry and camping fees apply for visitors to the park. Toilets, water, shaded areas and wood barbecues are available for use. Trail signage and an information shelter are located within the park and a dedicated ranger is on site.[7]


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