Avantgarde Music

Avantgarde Music
Avantgarde Music logo.png
Founded1990 (as Obscure Plasma Records)
1994 (as Avantgarde Music)
GenreBlack metal, death metal, doom metal
Country of originItaly
Official websitewww.avantgardemusic.com

Avantgarde Music is an Italian record label, formed as a continuation of Obscure Plasma Records, focusing on black and doom metal artists. The label had a sub-label called Wounded Love Records, which has released albums by Dolorian and Taake.[1] A new sub-label, Flowing Downward, had been founded in 2018, specializing in atmospheric black metal bands specifically.

Avantgarde Music's first release was the 1994 funeral doom classic Stream from the Heavens by Thergothon.[2] The label has since signed many well-known black, death and doom metal bands such as Behemoth, Carpathian Forest, Mayhem and Unholy.



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