Andrzej Pilipiuk

Andrzej Pilipiuk

Andrzej Pilipiuk (born March 20, 1974, in Warsaw), Polish humoristic science-fiction and fantasy author. He debuted in 1996 with short story "Hiena", which featured the first appearance of Jakub Wędrowycz, an alcoholic exorcist. Since that time, Pilipiuk has written several dozen other short stories about that character.

Nine times nominated to the Janusz A. Zajdel Award, won it in 2002 for his short story Kuzynki, which he expanded into a novel in 2003 and followed by sequels: Księżniczka in 2004 and Dziedziczki in 2005. The series describes the adventures of 3 women: a more-than-1000-year-old teenage vampire, a 300-year-old alchemist-szlachcianka, and her relative, a former Polish secret agent from CBŚ (Polish 'FBI'). A recurring character in the series alchemist Michał Sędziwój, and the universe is the same as the one of Wędrowycz (who makes appearances from time to time).

Plipiuk lives in Kraków.


Series of Jakub Wędrowycz[]

Series Womenfolk (Kuzynki)[]

Series of Pan Samochodzik[]

In 1999-2005 Andrzej Pilipiuk under a pseudonym "Tomasz Olszakowski" also released 19 tomes continuing adventures about Pan Samochodzik:

Series The Norwegian diary (Norweski dziennik)[]

Series Deer`s eye (Oko Jelenia)[]


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